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For more than 20 years, the Respiratory Care Foundation of Texas

has been committed to providing educational grants to

Respiratory Care college students.

Who we are

The Respiratory Care Foundation of Texas strongly believes that when a student graduates from college, he or she can achieve their dreams. Through our grant programs, we help motivated college students unlock their potential and reach their life-changing milestone of becoming a Registered Respiratory Therapist.

Our Mission

Support respiratory care education through student grants, Support the respiratory care community through research and evidence based practice; additionally, support organizations with equipment and respiratory care resources.


Scholars receive grants by submitting a respiratory care related paper that is graded in an unbiased process.

The selection process removes any identifiers of the student, the college they attend, or desire to attend.


The RCFT host education sessions for the respiratory care profession; also, the RCFT encourages participation from students in presenting the latest evidence-based practice within the respiratory care community.

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Internship opportunities

Aside from grant awards, students desiring and willing to serve are paired with opportunities that increase their awareness and understanding of the industry; additionally they learn leadership qualities needed within healthcare today.

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